• Systech Analytics SA

    Exotherm 7400

    Exotherm 7400 tempermeter

    Portable computerized tempermeter for quality control of chocolate

    Systech Analytics SA no more produces new Exotherm 7400 devices. However as the original creator of portable tempermeter with thermoelectric cooling and aluminium cups system, this product is really important for us. Therefore the maintenance and the support of Exotherm 7400 as well as software updates will continue for a very long time.

    Current software version:
    Exotherm 7400 Tempering version 11.1
      • Complete software redesign
      • Software compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
      • Designed for Microsoft SQL Server database
        – Network database for all devices
        – Local database for one device
      • For production and laboratory use
    Standard spare parts
      • Box of 1000 aluminium cups for tempermeter
      • Box of 7500 aluminium cups for tempermeter
      • Temperature probe for Exotherm 7400
      • Conical support for temperature probe
      • Calibration box 20°C
      • Temperature reading module
      • USB communication module
      • Calibration box 20°C