• Systech Analytics SA

    Exotherm 2000

    Exotherm 2000 Dynamic fat crystallizer

    Dynamic crystallization study for fat and fat based products
    Current software version:
    Exotherm 2000 version 5.2
    • Software compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
    • Simulation of real production conditions
    • Dedicated sample beaker of 500ml, in aluminium with special coating for long life and effective heat transfer
    • Five temperature probes with torque and turbidity readout
    • Programmable temperature profiles (-50 to +100°C) and programmable rotation profiles (0 to 400 rpm)
    • The device must be connected to a computer and to a cooling bath
    • Possibility to program fast temperature variation (-30°C/min to +10°C/min)
    • Temperature range of -50°C to +100°C
    • Precise control of brewing and stirring
    • Exportation of the results (Microsoft Access, Excel)
    • Easy and accurate temperature calibration